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Ruffles belongs to Marion W.
from Laurel Hill, NC
Severe Allergy, Hair loss, unable to keep food in

Amount to Raise: $267.38 Amount raised: $185.00 Amount left to raise: $82.38 View Donations
Status: Active When needed: sooner is better

Ruffles's Story:

Ruffles has developed a severe allergy since we had to move in May '12, it gets so bad that she has to get a shot of Depo Medrol every other month now. Her neck, throat and on top of the head starts scabbing because she won't stop scratching, her eyes start to swell. Depo is not a solution, just a temporary fix. The Vet said she needs blood work done to test for allergies and once they're known she can give her a shot that's only needed once a year which will reduce the cost and most of all actually help my girl. She has started losing a lot of her fur, has actual bald spots on her hind legs and has difficulty keeping her food down which resulted in her losing a bit too much weight. I'm not sure if it's part of that allergy or a side effect of the shots, I do know I was told the Depo shouldn't be given too often so I'm hoping to find help for my little girl to get a grip on this thing. Ruffles is 1 of 5 rescue cats, I'm on a very fixed income otherwise I would not ask for help but my babies are very important to me.

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