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Owner: Michelle M.
From Plainsboro, NJ
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Status: Active.
Please Help Pay for Best efforts to save Little Molly
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Molly's Story:

Molly is the Mom of two of my Gliders Gabby and Scooter (Baby Gabby is in the Picture=) and I wanted to try to keep her alive and well for them as they had lost Dad a year before and they are VERY social colony animals.


On November 11th into the 12th I discovered Molly had chewed through her tail as I was helping her get into her tent and we made our way to the Emergency Room.  They told me she had low Calcium which can happen in older Gliders and we bandaged her and I went home with 4 medications to try to save her.


The Calcium was helping the seizure type episodes that were observed. She perked up a bit with the anti-inflammtory as well and I took her back for Follow Up Wednesday the 13th a little more than 24 hours after I had left.  The Dr. told me her wound was near the bone but just missed it and was deep and would take a few months to heal but I was willing to stick with it. Molly though had other ideas.  She opened her wound quickly while we were getting it rebandaged and the Dr. thought maybe she had pain coming from her lower spine because the disc space was gone from what she could see on the X Ray. We also had an issue of her being very tired and not being able to move much without being overexerted.  I was told her heart was 20% enlarged. The hope was maybe the heart rate would improve as the vet Calcium took effect. Molly didn't like her meds and spit them out as much as could so we put the meds on bread and little snacks for her.


 Thursday night she went after her tail below her bandage on the topside and we were able to stop her and heal it quickly with Coconut oil and this level of care required one of us with her at all times with maybe a few hours of sleep a night but we tried.


Saturday night she withdrew from us and layed at the bottom of the bed on my legs and watched Monk with us (Yes she actually watched tv =) and sometime after 3 am and before 7 am when she woke me up licking my nose she has licked the whole underside of her Tail and started a new wound below the Bandage on the underside of the tail.  I was happy to see her though because her heartrate had been so rapid and she needed to rest just walking over a travel Pillow she was on.


 The Dr. at her Sunday 17th Follow Up told us she may not make Amputation Surgery given her heart and age and that if she did given her pattern she would most likely go after her surgical site. I have never ever had to put any animal down and this was heartbreaking.  Patches her mate had died at home with us and we made him comfortable...Molly was a whole different case.  We made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye and put her to sleep so she wouldn't hurt anymore. We took her little Body home to bury her with Patches.


 I am disabled and on Social Security and while I was able to get Care Credit for her Care paying the Care Credit bill will literally mean the difference between food and gas for me as I am in treatment myself 5 days a week for a car accident and what Credit limit and cash I have usually goes to Gas.  I am hoping to get it payed off before the interest free period ends.  I feel awful asking others to help but do so knowing I Pay it Forward so often myself that maybe just maybe it will come full circle.  It won't replace My Molly but anything will help at this point. Thank You for reading if you made it this far  and I hope to return the favor to someone else as soon as I can =) I think this site is a wonderful idea and gift for the animals it can help. I am just sorry she isn't still with us.


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