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Owner: Sharon S.
From Westfield, MA
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Status: Active.
Acupuncture needed for residual head tilt
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Aero's Story:

A few months ago (the beginning of July), I went to Texas for my brother's wedding. I had someone taking care of my three rabbits (who live in my room and are a part of the family!). I returned from the airport late at night after my trip and walked into one of my worst nightmares. I found little Aero lying on her back, contorted and twisted so that her head was nearly upside down. She wasn't moving, and it was clear that it had been quite some time since she'd been able to get to her water or food. I rushed her to the vet the next day and got the diagnosis that I had expected - severe head tilt. I discussed the treatment options with my vet and we decided that the most likely cause was Pasturella (based on symptoms and Aero's medical history) and started her on a course of Baytril, which stopped the progression and significantly improved Aero's health. 


However, Aero's head continues to be tilted at a 90 degree angle, and one of her back legs juts out to the side. Because of the awkward positioning of her body, she has several sores that need constant applications of antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. 


Aero's initial vet bills for visits and medication have totalled over $400. In addition, she has also seen a chiropractor twice (which helps to give her improved mobility for 5-7 days before the adjustments wear off), which has brought the bills for her care even higher. 


After doing much research and discussing options with Aero's vet, Aero has started acupuncture treatments. She had her first treatment on 9/19/13, and has shown significantly improved mobility. She will need 6-8 more treatments, once a week, at the very least. Each appointment costs $65. 


I'm a single mom and a full time student, so needless to say the cost of Aero's care has begun to be a huge burden; however, I can't give up on her. Just look at those eyes!


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