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Owner: Rachel B.
From Tallahassee, FL
Amount to Raise:
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Status: Active.
Heartworms and Major Dental Problems
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Homie's Story:

We adopted Homie from the animal shelter on saturday August 17, 2013. He was a gift to my girls ages 5 and 1. We were aware of his heartworms at the time of adoption but something told me to adopt him anyways. I got a feeling in my heart that at his age and being heartworm positive he would not have ever made it to a new home to begin a new life he would had been euthanized. I know that he is 10 years old but Dauchands live on average between 19 to 21 years and he has alot of life left in him with the right car. I took him to the vet today and they said that for his age he is still very young at heart. They said that if we can get him the heartworm treatment and the dental work done he will be a geddy and happy old man again. They also let me know that he looks like he will live a long life because his heart has not gotten that bad yet. I know that I took on a lot of responsibility adopting him knowing he already had problems but I believe that every pet deserves a second chance at life. I got an estimate on everything today and all of his medical to get him healthy again is roughly 1800 dollars. I am in need of help to give our old man a second chance. 


[UPDATE 8/30/13]: We have already started the treatement he is on antibiotics for the next 30 days then he will go in to recieve his first shot of immiticide. His teeth are gonna wait until he gets done with the heartworm treatement. He is able to eat soft food right now and the antibiotic will kill any infection he currently has and any that may form during his treatement. Since he has gotten on antibiotics he is already become happier and very playful I may add. Thank for your support,


All Chances complete 30 days after they are first Submitted for Verification by the Pet Owner. The reason they end at all is because credit card refunds must be issued if the funds cannot be raised and, therefore, the treament will not be provided.

So, if a Chance will not be fulfilled by a doctor/provider within 30 days, the money must be refunded to the people who made donations.

Shortly before the Chance completion date Pet Chance will try to work with the doctor/provider to see if the treatment can be fulfilled with partial funding.

Our goal is to fullfil as many Chances as possible!

We call it Pet Care Assurance...

At Pet Chance, our goal is to empower pet owners to make the right decisions for their pets. By funding Chances where owners have already incurred debt we are giving the next owner facing that daunting decision confidence to provide their pet with the care it needs.

The more Chances where treatment was already provided to get funded, the more likely it is owners (and vets) will make the right medical decision first, and handle the financial obligation after the fact.