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Owner: Susan B.
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Status: Active.
Life-Threatening Gallbladder Problem
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Jay's Story:

Hi everybody. My name is Jay and I'm am adopted Daschund/Jack Russell mix from Georgia. At twelve years old, in addition to epilepsy, a heart murmur, and dry eye, I now wrestle with a troubled gallbladder. Any of you out there with gallstones know what I mean. I don't have gallstones, but I do have "sludge" clogging me up, causing infection, and making me really sick. At first they thought it was my liver and put me on medication that nearly killed me. I could barely walk and wouldn't eat. They thought I might have had a stroke. Me! 


We stopped the bad medication, and my mom started making me organic chicken and vegetables, and feeding me spirulina greens through a plastic syringe. I started to feel better. She took me to a new vet and sprung for an ultrasound. The doc said my gallbladder was very full of "sludge" which is a black/brown mucousy mess of things too terrible to mention here. Also, a blockage in the bile duct. They put me on Ursidol (to break up the sludge) and four antibiotics for a month. My mom started giving me Milk Thistle with a plastic syringe.


When the meds ended, I wound up in the emergency room with a 104.8 fever. My mom asked that they put me back on the meds, and I immediately felt better. That Monday, my regular vet prescribed me a new round of meds and after a week or so, I had another ultrasound, and it showed improvement! I was a happy-go-lucky guy until that night when I wouldn't eat or move, and had a fever of 103.8. Mom put two ice packs on my back and sat with me until we both fell asleep. The next day I was fine. That was yesterday, August 16, 2013.


Gallbladder surgery costs $3,000 - $5,000. So far Mom's spent close to $1,000. We hope I can live a long time on the antibiotics, which are $110 per month; prescription food, which is $3 a can; milk thistle; with future ultrasounds at $175 a pop; and bloodwork that ranges from $50 to $100. That's where you come in. Thank you for reading this long tale, and for your support.


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