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Owner: Nikki H.
From Rochester, NY
Amount to Raise:
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Status: Active.
Petra needs a ureter bypass to prevent further kidney damage!
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Petra's Story:

Petra has a partially blocked ureter and needs surgery to bypass it. She's already working with damaged kidneys, and if this blockage continues, that kidney will continue to deteriorate. She's lived through so much, including having her head stepped on as a kitten by her previous owners and being diagnosed with chronic kidney failure at 5 years old! Please help this sweet girl get the surgery she needs!

I've always paid for her many medical bills on my own, even going into debt to make sure she gets the treatments she needs to live, even when others have told me I should have put her down! Those bills have totaled over $10,000 in her 11 years. But this surgery and stem cell treatment to repair her damaged kidneys is $9,500, not including the transportation to Manhattan, lodging while we're there, and followup over the next year, which will include expensive ultrasounds. That's not money I have laying around as I've always lived month to month and never had savings to speak of. I don't have children - my animals are my babies! Please help me get her the surgery and treatment she needs before that kidney is completely destroyed!

I've cleared out my savings, gotten Care Credit (of which I have $1,300 left), and taken out credit cards to help pay for this surgery and followups, but it's not nearly enough. Please consider donating the smallest amount you can and passing this along to people that you know. Every dollar will help!

Thank you so much!


All Chances complete 30 days after they are first Submitted for Verification by the Pet Owner. The reason they end at all is because credit card refunds must be issued if the funds cannot be raised and, therefore, the treament will not be provided.

So, if a Chance will not be fulfilled by a doctor/provider within 30 days, the money must be refunded to the people who made donations.

Shortly before the Chance completion date Pet Chance will try to work with the doctor/provider to see if the treatment can be fulfilled with partial funding.

Our goal is to fullfil as many Chances as possible!

We call it Pet Care Assurance...

At Pet Chance, our goal is to empower pet owners to make the right decisions for their pets. By funding Chances where owners have already incurred debt we are giving the next owner facing that daunting decision confidence to provide their pet with the care it needs.

The more Chances where treatment was already provided to get funded, the more likely it is owners (and vets) will make the right medical decision first, and handle the financial obligation after the fact.