P1030289 Rusty
Rusty belongs to Marcia R. from Escondido, CA
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Rusty thanks the following people for their donations:
Bert L. donated $25.00 on 06/27/13 and said "Please take care of this good dog"
Susan P. donated $25.00 on 06/27/13
Debra S. donated $30.00 on 06/27/13 and said "For a breed of dog I always wanted . . this is for you Rusty."
Holly D. donated $20.00 on 06/27/13 and said "Wish it could be more, Marcia. I'll be sure to share on social networks. Thanks for all you are doing for Rusty!!"
Anonymous donated $100.00 on 06/27/13
Anonymous donated $200.00 on 06/27/13
Bonnie R. donated $20.00 on 06/27/13 and said "Stanley (Mr_Pinkerton on Twitter) sends his best "get well" wishes to Rusty! xoxo"
James H. donated $10.00 on 06/27/13 and said "Poor Rusty... I love Bassets, Mine is 7 years old. I hope he gets the treatment he so well deserves"
Jamie S. donated $20.00 on 06/27/13 and said "Best wishes to the pair of you!"
Anonymous donated $50.00 on 06/28/13
Nona S. donated $100.00 on 06/29/13 and said " Rusty has been so fortunate to have found this new loving home with Marcia and her family. Phoebe and I are wishing for his continued good fortune with his surgery and recovery."
sheila b. donated $25.00 on 07/01/13
Natalie d. donated $50.00 on 07/01/13 and said "from Beijing and Taj fellow bassets wishing all the best to Rusty"
Anonymous donated $20.00 on 07/01/13
Anonymous donated $40.00 on 07/02/13 and said "This is in honor of our boy, our love Frodo who passed away from Lymphoma in November...We were surrounded by love and people who payed it forward...Basset's are true Angel's from heaven!! You are in our prayers Rusty!"
Anonymous donated $20.00 on 07/03/13
Virginia K. donated $100.00 on 07/04/13 and said "Zoey - Your four-legged cousin hopes that you feel better very soon!"
Anonymous donated $45.00 on 07/06/13
Anonymous donated $25.00 on 07/23/13
Anonymous donated $10.00 on 07/23/13 and said "Good luck Rusty! Hope you get the treatment you need. From Jasmine - 13 yr. old Basset Hound in Chicago"
Anonymous donated $100.00 on 07/23/13 and said "I had a random opportunity to meet Rusty and his human on Sunday. He was so sweet and melted my heart. This boy deserves a long life."
Anonymous donated $20.00 on 07/25/13 and said "Get Well Soon Rusty !"