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Owner: Sherry F.
From Bellingham, WA
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Status: Complete/Fulfilled.
Therapy dog wants to run again
Sissy's Story:

Up until a year ago I was working as a veterinary assistant in a local animal hospital. times of heart break were not to uncommon. I first met Sissy when she was just six weeks old. She was to be a breeding dog in a "designer dog" kennel. This usually means puppy mill. puppy mills if you don't know are horrible places where dogs are treated worse than livestock. living out their lives in cramped, unsanitary cages. they are kept for one thing... to produce income for the "breeders". this means being bred all year long with no time for their bodies to rest, often leading to serious problems and premature death. no thought is given to the health of the puppies, diseases and paracites are common place. Sissy upon exam was lame on her tiny front left paw. which was about the size of a quarter. when asked what happened, the breeder stated that the toddler was in with the new puppies, and stepped on one of them... this was 4 days ago. Being so small, sissy could not have a cast or splint on her paw, so she was sent home with anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Two weeks later I received a call at home from the veterinary hospital, the now 8 week old puppy I had seen earlier had a prolapse eye and was going to be euthanized. The cost of the surgery was to much to pay for the breeders and a more profitable thing to do was to have the puppy put down. They could just buy another breeding dog off the internet. When I arrived at the veterinary hospital and looked in the surgical kennels, an utterly heart breaking site struck me. it was the puppy, happy, loving desprite for affection with a grossly infected and necrotic eye protruding from her little face. If the sight was not wrenching enough, the smell was... she smelled, like death. The eye had popped out of its socket 3 days earlier. I can't... no I try not to think about how much pain Sissy went thru in those three days. I decided to foster the puppy and find it a good home after the surgery to remove the eye.... two days later I knew I could not part with this wonderfully joyous creature. Sissy has always had a way with people young and old, able bodied and disabled, even other animals. She makes them happy, playful and forget about their worries (if for just an instant). And four months ago she made a career out of it by becoming a registered therapy dog. Recently during a routine eye exam it was discovered she has a small cataract in her only eye... but worse was the entropian. this is where the eyelid rolls inward scratching and scarring the surface of the eye. if not surgically corrected blindness eventually occurs. Sissy cannot go to work if she cannot see whom is around her. the surgery to keep sissys sight is about $2,000... money which I don't have. she will eventually need to have cataract surgery as well, but the entropian is a more pressing concern. I worry about her. she's had so much pain in her life, I just want her to be happy and healthy. anything helps no matter how small, it means all the world to Sissy and I.


[UPDATE 8/6/13]:  After consulting with a second veterinary ophthalmologist in Seattle, it was decided that the effect of Sissy's eyelid defect does not cause any problems currently and would not cause vision loss. Thanks to all the wonderfully caring people who donated what they could to help Sissy out. I plan to use the donations raised to fix her hip dysplasia. Both sides are effected severely. Due to Sissy's size it has not bothered her until about a year ago. She no longer runs frequently, cannot jump and flinches abit when people touch her hip.


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