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Owner: elmer H.
From charleston, WV
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Damage to her hips
Chani's Story:

I would like to start this update by saying thank you to all those that helped pay part of Chani's last surgery through here, in person, or however you did so. We would not have been able to have it paid off without you.


Now a little about Chani and I and why the Pet Chance campaign is still running. Chani is my mobility / hearing / PTSD service dog and  partner in living. In short she is part of me and I her. i suffer from a severe auto immune illness that makes it hard to move, let alone walk, sit, stand. I also suffer hearing problems on my right side and severe PTSD. My Chani takes care of me. She helps pick me up if I fall and tries her best to keep me from falling. She listens and alerts me to sounds from my right hand side in order to protect me from dangers or alert me of people. Chani also secures rooms for me as well as alerts me to the approach of people from my deaf side and from behind as part of her PTSD training.  


Chani had to have hip surgery on her right leg a little less than year agonow. she had a FHO, the top of the femoral bone and ball from the joint were removed to enable her to regain function of her leg. she was expected to make a full recovery, and she has, from that surgery. She has been able to return to work as my hearing and PTSD service dog, her life as a Full mobility dog is essentially over. That being said if I fall she will still go get help as well as sit and give me her shoulder to help me up as this puts no strain on her hips. She also has returned to helping me sit and stand from her seated position as well as balance me as I upt on shoes and such.


So at this stage she has taken on light mobility work. All that being said,her other hip will need surgery too in the near future. As she had a FHO on her right leg this next surgery on her left leg will need to be a full hip replacement in order to give her one normal function mechanical hip. . We are hoping to have raised and or saved the funds needed to get her that surgery by late spring early summer. The goal is to be able to provide her the corrective surgery before her other hip starts becoming a regular problem for her and leaves her in pain. Her recovery from her current surgery did accelerate the damage to her left hip making securing the needed funds for her all more important.


My Chani girl is only happy when she is able to work with me, the months where she was unable to work had her so depressed she didn't even want to eat or move and it devastated her every time I left without her. I have talked it over with her Vet, a great man, and we have determined that she can still work at this point and for happiness and quality of life needs to keep working until it just isn't possible, hopefully many years from now.


Her current bill for the surgery she had is paid off now. Now we are raising the funds for her full hip replacement on her left hip before it begins to fail causing her extreme pain. this surgery will cost at least twice if not three times as much as the FHO she already had. we will have to travel to Virginia tech or OSU for the hip replacement surgery on the referral and after test by her home Vet. We have yet to make the discion of which university we will travel to in order to have the surgery though more and more I am leaning towards OSU as they have truly pioneered the animal hip replacement. As I mentioned above she needs the full replacement so that she can keep at least one fully functional hip. worse case scenario if we cant raise the funds, she would have to have another FMO but it is unclear if she would ever fully recover from that surgery as a large dog truly needs one normal mechanically function hip for best health. My girls quality of life is all that matters to me and she just cant have a positive quality of life if she cant do her job. Everyone needs to understand that my Chani girl was educated from just a few weeks old, by me, to be at my side, helping me live and she has never been away from me for more that a few hours which took place during her past surgical recovery. Again i am thankful for those that helped pay down her bill from her last surgery. I hate to still have to ask for help in raising the 4+ to 6+ thousand dollars it will cost for her full hip replacement to save the life of my the quality of life of my girl but I still cant do it on my own. thank you everyone for helping Chani, a wonderful service dog who gives her everything and is only happy when she can work maintain a high quality of life. she is everything to me and I will not replace her with another service dog ill just spend the next 12 years without one if she cannot return to work. I couldn't hurt her like that, having another dog doing what she sees as her job in life.


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