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Owner: Amanda R.
From Rockford, IL
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Status: Active.
SEVERE eye injury, ear infections, fleas, etc.
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LilFluff's Story:

This little kitten appears to have a severe eye laceration, and to be in constant pain.


Her mom is true feral born to feral and the lil kitty I call LilFluff is 100% true feral born to feral born to feral.


I have never made one ounce of progress with Fluffs kittens. She guards them well and moves her nest often. Easy to see why. 

It was simply happenstance or aligned by God Himself that a couple nights ago Fluff was not at her guard post as usual when I arrived. It was even more miraculous that I was able to lure and to trap this lil wild thing that has never been touched with just a cardboard box, a stick, and a sparkly toy.


I by no means can offer her the treatment that she so desperately needs and she is in immense pain every second of every day. I can't as much as offer her the flea preventatives or the Capstar to cause them to drop though I do have dewormer. 


I am not a rescue. I am a machinist by trade that stumbled upon a suffering colony of animals well over a year ago. I converted my duplex to two indoor cage free (mostly) colonies to socialize and re-life feral kittens. I spend well over 1/3 of my net pay and work way too many hours to be able to minister to all the needs within the 2 outdoor feral colonies and the 2 that I have created within my home. I took in every single kitten last season. 7! The process was long and the progress was slow but I have proven they can be excellent indoor pets.  With our help.


Time is of the essence!


Thank you for taking your time to consider these neglected sentient beings who spend their entire lifetimes simply invisible to most.


LilFluff will need an office visit ASAP and medication to treat her eyes and ears, fleas, etc.  I am estimating her intitial office visit, including meds, will be approximately $200.


Thank you so much.  Every dollar helps.


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