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Owner: Heather C.
From Grand Junction, CO
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Status: Active.
Mass on Left Eye... Initial Dx is Cancer :(
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Freya's Story:

Freya had a lump on her eye last June and I thought it was a cat fight, one of my other cats can "play" too rough sometimes.  I took her to the vet who proposed a list of procedures totally about $800, the same amount as my rent.  I told them I could not afford that and what would be the beginning step in treat a possible cause, and antibiotics were prescribed.  The were the bubble gum flavor drops, and she HATED them.  I couldn't get the full dose or the whole bottle to her, unfortunately.  However, the lump shrank significantly, so I thought that it was just an infected cut and it went away.


Then the past few weeks it came back fairly suddenly, which I again thought was another cut from a fight.  Freya is very peaceful but scared of this other cat, Gary, who tries to be the king of the castle.


So her eye is now infected, swollen, and the inner eyelid has grown over her eyeball and is practically sealed up completely now. sad 


I am very poor, and I actually have been having trouble supporting myself even.  I found a local vet who has a $1 new patient exam deal, and I brought Freya to him this morning.  


After ruling out grass (she is indoor only now), he numbed her eye and aspirated it. Under the microscope the cells appear to be cancerous.  There is not abundance of white blood cells that would indicate infection.  However, when he applies pressure to the lump, pus and a little blood will leak out. He is pretty confident it is a tumor, but not sure what kind yet.  


He prescribed predinsone and will be letting me know the appropriate dosage for her sometime today.  He said it wouldn't cure it, but halt the progression and give her more time.  He also said that it would be hard to remove it there because there is no additional tissue around the mass to remove as well, to ensure it doesn't grow back.


He did also have another vet he works with look at the slides to verify that it looks cancerous.  The other vet also looked at her eye.  They both agreed on the diagnosis.  As of right now, since I already told him I'm super broke, he is just recommending the prednisone pills mixed in food.


He also mentioned something about a specialist, surgery, prednisone shots, and chemo.  There is no full care plan set yet.  He is going to study the film more as well to get a better idea of exactly what the mass consists of.


I was able to hold back sobbing when he said the meds will give her more time but she might have to be put to sleep.  I couldn't control it once I was I the car.... I cried all the way home.... and more when I got home.  Freya is my baby, she has helped me through many hard times, she is my little light and I can't loose her.  I wish I made more money or saved more money to help her.  I am going to nursing school (prenursing actually) right now because I want to have a better future for me, my boyfriend and my family of furry babies.  I want to help people, but I may need some help right now instead.  Please help, anything really will be greatly appriciated!!!!


Freya's light isn't done shining yet.  I just need help to keep her going strong and regain health.  Thank you So much!  Blessings of Love and Abundance~ Heather 


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