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Owner: Amy B.
From Spencerport, NY
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Status: Active.
MoJo needs double CCL knee surgery. This will be surgery #4.
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MoJo's Story:

We rescued Mo at 12 weeks from a LGD breeder. He was completely unsocialized and had never been touched by a human. He would not even look in our direction. We paid $750 for him as we could not leave him there. I wanted a therapy dog but I was willing to give that idea up in order to save this poor puppy. He was so afraid of everything. He wouldn't even eat out of his bowl, they just threw food on the ground to feed him. We had to feed him by a spoon and eventually by hand before he would eat out of a bowl. One time, I left a 5# bag of cheese sitting on the table and MoJo was so afraid, he was barking and backing up out of the kitchen to the point that he almost fell down my basement stairs. It took a lot of training and time spent socializing him. I never imagined Mo would be able to get his CGC. Well, he proved me wrong! MoJo used to volunteer at a nursing home but due to his knee problems he had a hard time getting around on the slippery floors and small rooms. He loved visiting the patients, performing tricks (high five was always a favorite) and occasionally stealing a cupcake or two. I just wish we could make him well enough to visit his friends again. He is a gentle soul who loves and emotionally touches everyone he meets. He had dog friends but we could no longer play due to his knee problems. So he found a "new" best friend, our cat, Scooby. They love each other, Mo even lets Scooby eat out of his bowl first and they sleep together. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives and I thank God that we found him on that rural farm in Pennsylvania so he could be part of our family and experience love.


MoJo started limping occasionally on his right rear leg and he was diagnosed with a luxating patella. Over time, he started limping more and more so, in 2010, MoJo had surgery to fix his knee. He had the surgery, which is called a TTT. It consisted of cutting bone and using bone grafts, K wires and screws to hold it in place while it healed.  Unfortunately, he had complications. Smooth pins were used instead of screws and 1st pin migrated out of the bone and through his skin, so it was removed. The 2nd pin broke in 3 pieces. So he had another surgery to remove the 1 piece they could and replaced the pins with screws, as well as, add another K wire for stabitlity.  The total cost was approx. $2400. MoJo has limped everyday since the first surgery in 2010. He could no longer volunteer in the nursing home or go hiking with me. broken heart  I met with the orthopadeic surgeon several times to see about the possibility of removing the hardware in his leg.  Sometimes it's removed because it is not needed after the bones heal. I thought it would help with his limping and pain as you could feel the wires just under the skin on his leg. I was told he had arthritis in that knee. In late 2012, he started limping on his left front leg. So back to the vets we go and they could find no reason for limping on his front leg. However it was thought that the CCL in his surgical leg was torn and that he was putting more weight on his left front due to pain in his rear leg. Due to the amount of surgeries incurred to his right rear leg, we decided to take him to Cornell Veterinary Hospital and have him evaluated. They did a complete ortho exam and evaluated him for a torn CCL. Mojo had a complete tear of his CCL on his right side as well as a partial on the left rear leg. How could this possibly happen? All he has been able to do is walk around the yard barking at everything. He could no longer volunteer, play with other dogs and walking any distance caused him pain. Cornell recommended removing the hardware and waiting 3 weeks for culturing of the screws/wires for bacteria. If no bacteria is found, they recommend having both CCLs repaired. The removal surgery was expected to take about 1/2 hour surgical time and it ended up taking 2 hours. There was a tremendous amount of fibrous scar tissue and a lot of wire. The estimate was $850 but the total bill was over $1700. Thankfully the hospital deducted $911 as they had no idea the surgery would take that long. I paid $870 plus $275 the hotel for 2 nights.  The best, least expensive way to fix MoJo's CCL tears is to do a TTA on both rear legs at the same time. The recovery time is approximately the 8-10 weeks no exercise, non weight bearing and he would need to be crated. They would prefer separate surgeries but then the cost would be an astronomical $6400-$7600.


We love our dog, he is part of our family but we are not rich and have 2 kids in college. Over the last 2 years, our 19 year old son had a tonsillectomy, our daughter had a tonsillectomy at 17 and complete ankle reconstruction at 18. We own a small family business and have the high deductible health insurance plan. we are still paying off our daughter's last surgery. I have had 2 knee surgeries since September 2012 and currently have a ruptured plantar fascia. I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for us. We are blessed to have each other. I just want MoJo to have this surgery and be able to enjoy his life, to be able to go to the nursing home, visit his friends and walk in the woods. I cannot afford to pay for it in it's entireity. I wish I did, because he would not have waited a year to go to Cornell so that I could save the money needed for this surgery. It breaks my heart that such a sweet loving dog has had to go through so much in his lifetime. Thank you for reading our story.


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