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Owner: Heather M.
From Casselberry , FL
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Status: Active.
Losing his leg due to bone disease
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Tucker's Story:

As I was celebrating with my friends and family for my birthday last year, I was surprised when I was given a 2.5 pound yorkiepoo. He was absolutely gorgeous and so eager to meet me. Living off at college, he quickly became my best friend. I couldn't wait to come home to see him and many days, I came home inbetween classes just to "check in on him" which is better known as I missed him so much! After he turned 7 months old, I noticed that he began limping and I knew that he had not gotten hurt in any way so I became very worried. Being a college student on a budget, I spent a month and a half saving to take him to the vet to find out what was wrong. They told me that he was in a lot of pain and that he needed to be put to sleep for an x-rat before they could accurately tell me what was wrong. So, I scheduled the appointment and had to wait a few weeks to go back. When I went back, Tucker was excited to go see his friends at the vet again. After looking at his x-rays, they told me that he had a genetic bone disease. Because he was a gift, I had no idea what his family history was. They said that his back left hip joint is diseased and is roughening the surface as he is moving it. It is ultimately causing bone destruction in his back left leg. He isn't standing on the leg due to this pain which is the reason for his muscle loss in that leg. They said that the only option he has is surgery. Being a college student, I do not have the money to get this done. He is my very best friend and it kills me to see him in this kind of pain. Please help!


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