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King Leonidas "Leo"
Owner: Tina M.
From Louisville, KY
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Status: Active.
Cancer Spread to Lymph Node
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King Leonidas "Leo"'s Story:




My name is King Leonidus "Leo".  I am an extremely tall, barely 7 year old Goldendoodle that has been fighting Mast Cell Cancer for the past 17 months.

I am my mom's whole world.  I am her child, best friend and constant companion.  I healed her broken heart after struggling with secondary infertility for 12 years.  I became her baby. Her second chance.  I literally go with her everywhere she goes.  I am with her 24 hours a day.  We are inseperable. 

heart --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------heart




I'm Tina, Leo's mom.  Leo is my entire world.  He's my baby, my best friend.  He is an extremely large, kind Goldendoodle that I rescued 3 years ago. Here's his story. I'm sorry it's long, but I want you to know who he is, his battle and why your help is so very important.  (If you want to skip his story and read how you can help, there is a section at the bottom of this form)  I fervently pray you can help him.




Leo's Story

In September 2014, a large mass came up overnight on his lip.  He had surgery the next day and it came back as Mast Cell Cancer.  He started 8 weeks of IV Vinblastine, then was put on Palladia chemo.


Four months later it spread to the lymph node in his throat.  They cut his throat wide open.  They couldn't remove the lymph node/cancer, so they sewed him back up with many stitches.


Seven months ago, the lymph in his throat became infected.  His face/throat swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe.  The weight of the fluid became so heavy it ripped a large hole in his throat, overnight.


I steeled myself to let him go. I lay in the back of a friends SUV with him the next morning as we rode to the vet. I said my goodbyes to him. I was dying inside. I kept reminding myself of my promise to him when I learned he had cancer, that I would not let him suffer. That I would rather lose him one day too early then one day too late.

When we got to the vet I truly wanted to die right along with Leo. The vet decided to try aspirating the infection from his throat. It was the size of a cantaloupe. He had 105 degree fever. 

Immediately after draining, the swelling went down substantially. He spent nearly a week in the hospital and by miracle went into REMISSION!


After a month and a half of irrigating and medicating the open hole in his throat twice a day, it healed completely!  (They vet did not sew it up for fear of infection).   I had my old Leo back! He remained on Palladia chemo.  It was truly a miracle. He still had the cancer, but I never fathomed that after that dreadful ride to the vet in the back of the car with him that I would EVER have my sweet Leo back.


But....a few days ago I felt a lump in his throat in the same spot.  By the next day it was twice the size.  My heart sank as I knew what it was.  Off to the vet we went.  Waited 5 hours to see the vet.  


Leo is no longer in remission.  The cancer in his lymph his back.  A few months back the vet lowered his dosage of Palladia chemo to protect his organs.  I had a bad feeling about it.  Sure enough, the cancer is now back.


The vet has upped his chemo dosage back up to what it used to be and has him on very strong antibiotics in the hope it won't get infected again like last time.  It is so close to the salivary glands that it can become easily infected.


Leo must remain on chemo the rest of his life.  Thank God he has never had ANY side effects and you would never know he was sick. I MUST keep him on the chemo no matter what.  I have done every single thing I know to do to be able to keep him on chemo for the past 17 months.  It is expensive.  If he misses just a few doses of his chemo, like he did 7 months ago, the lymph enlarges very, very quickly.



How You Can Help Save His Life:

I beg you to please help if you can.  I want to make sure that everyone knows without a shadow of a doubt that I am on the up and up.  That ALL donations always goes directly and exclusively for Leo's chemo.  I had the chance to go on a free vacation a week and a half ago.  I do NOT want anyone to ever think I was blowing money on a trip instead of on Leo's chemo. Nothing on earth would make me do that!

That's why a dear lady recommended  So the money will go DIRECTLY to his VET for treatment and would avoid anyone ever doubting how the funds were used for.

Leo is a pleaser.  He knows my heart can't handle him not being with me.  He is a fighter and absolutely is not ready to give up!  Neither am I. I start a second job on Wednesday 2/10/16 to help with him chemo, but it will not be anywhere near enough.

God truly does work miracles. I have seen it firsthand a few times with Leo. Many kind people from a Goldendoodle group I am in has helped him in the past.  That in itself is a miracle and I am more grateful to them than I know how to express.

Chemo works for Leo.  I just desperately need help paying for it.  At the moment I have an outstanding balance of $223.10 at the vet for his visit on 2/3/16.  He has to go back to be checked and have bloodwork done in another week, which will be $150+chemo refill for the month of approx $454.

Thank you so much for reading this.  I truly appreciate it! heart



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