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Owner: Lindsey K.
From Edgewood, WA
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Status: Active.
$6000+ Back Surgery
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Diesel's Story:


He is my 6 year old daughter's Mastiff-Shephard mix. He is literally her very VERY best friend. They sleep together, watch movies together and play together outside. He is a loyal, loving, sweet boy and a true member of our family.

On the morning of January 26th, Diesel woke up unable to move his back legs. He was literally paralyzed in his back two legs and unable to get up. My husband and I sent our daugher off to school in tears as she was so so worried about her best furry friend. We took him to our local vet who confirmed our worst fears. He was literally paralyzed in his back to legs and feet and had no feeling what-so-ever. The vet explained that our best option was to take him to see a Neurologist as they would be able to tell us what happend before with an MRI. He suggested that this was either a herniated disk in his back that was pressing on his spine or a blot clot in his spine. Either way, he would need to see a Neurologist and have an MRI. We ended up at the Summit Vetrinary Referral Center in Tacoma and saw Dr. Demuth! He was wonderful but confirmed what our family vet had said. We immediately agreed to let Diesel have an MRI -- the cost of this alone was roughly $1800 but we knew we had to figure out what was wrong. Dr. Demuth advised that if it was, in fact, a buldging or blown disc in his back, the outcome to make Diesel better would be surgery. This was confirmed by his MRI. We were faced with the horrible reality that we either move forward with the surgery that would cost roughly $6300 or face the reality that our daughter's best friend would remain paralyzed, eventually getting worse to the point he would be completely immobile, unable to hold his bowels, and in all reality have no quality of life.  He is a very active, ball chasing, outdoor loving dog so the idea of him never playing outside with our kids again ... heartbreaking! How could we not move foward with the surgery? His tail still wagged and was otherwise himself... he was Diesel Pie (my daughter's nick name for him)! Without a second thought, we ok'd the surgery which was done last night and successful! He has already regained feeling in his toes and legs and is resting up today for tomorrow when they'll see what he can do. I was told by Dr. Demuth that this was in fact the BEST decision for Diesel and that he had a 95% chance of a full recovery. How could we NOT take that chance? Needless to say we now have a $6000+ vet bill that we cannot afford. I am hopeful that we can find a way but anything helps! Some times I guess there are just things you cannot put a price on and this was one of them! I will forever be grateful and have all intentions of paying it forward! 


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