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Owner: Slurpy A.
From Watertown, MA
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Status: Active.
Hit by car, recovering. Emergency surgery, ongoing expenses.
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Slurpy's Story:

Slurpy the little Tibetan Terrier has just been through a terrifying and painful ordeal.

He was hit by a car and his internal organs were damaged badly. Luckily (and miraculously) his spine remained intact, but he suffered from several abdominal hernias, a displaced diaphragm, massive bruising and abrasions. He was given emergency surgery at BluePearl, survived (another miracle), and is now going through some very slow and painful healing at home, where he is basically immobilized for two weeks.


Slurpy is a client of mine at Fresh Pond Pups, a dog walking service in Metro Boston. His Moms are Leah and Liz, and they have poured their hearts, souls, and wallets into caring for this puppy mill rescue. In the years since Slurpy was adopted, treatment has improved his thyroid and his energy levels, but he suffers from a chronic liver condition requiring three medications per day. He was already extremely anxious and fearful after years of instability and turmoil, and Leah and Liz have worked hard to build him a safe routine in his forever home.


I want to help raise money so that Leah and Liz can continue to provide such loving care for Slurpy into the future, without worrying about debt. This campaign would cover the costs of his most recent surgery and follow-up appointments. Additionally, if and when he is able to successfully get back on his feet and move around well, he will require necessary dental work to prevent further damage to his liver (his moms were saving up for the dentist when Slurpy got hit).


We want Slurpy to live out his life in peace and comfort, with the people who love him. We hope you can help make that happen.


Love, Rosalie


[UPDATE 12/18/15]: Here are a few links to check out for Slurpy!



[UPDATE 1/14/15]: He is doing really well considering all the trauma he went through. We are very proud of him and so incredibly grateful to still have him around. He did have some initial post- surgery issues, they the vet has been amazing, and they are by and large resolving. He does seem to have trouble jumping like he used to, and his hips seem to give out once and a while.... but he was hit by a car. We are careful to help him up stairs or anything, and he seems to know what he can and can't do safely. Although sometimes he just slips a bit. That being said, he is as cozy as ever, and his little sister harrasses him to play, as ususal, so she has determined he is doing better, and we trust her. We love him so much, and are so glad he is still around. Thank you all you donated so incredibly generously- allowing our little man to be with us!  Please post it around, so we can raise the rest. Love and Hugs, Liz and Leah



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