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Siebert L515, Retired Military Working Dog belongs to Linsay W.
from Hanover, MI
Major Surgery to remove Basketball sized tumor from Stomach

Amount to Raise: $2,033.85 Amount raised: $2,033.80 Amount left to raise: $0.05 View Donations
Status: Complete/Unfulfilled

Siebert L515, Retired Military Working Dog's Story:

[UPDATE 5/1/13]: The details below this update were from Sibert's original Chance.  This Chance raised over $2K and fully-funded Siebert's surgery for a stomach tumor.  Siebert's owner would like to keep the Chance going in order to raise additional money for the Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization (  If you make a donation now the proceeds will go to RMWDAO.  Although this is an atypical use of, we are honored to be able to help our military friends in any way we can.  Please direct questions about this to [email protected]  And THANK YOU to all our military (animals and people)!!


---------------------- ORIGINAL CHANCE DESCRIPTION AND UPATES BELOW ----------------------------------

Sgt. Siebert L515, United States Marine Corps, Retired,  has a basketball sized tumor in his spleen/stomach that is endangering his life.  This tumor, along with his spleen need to be removed as soon as possible.  His prognosis is good if we can get the surgery soon.  Siebert spent the first 9 years of his life protecting our country's United States Marines as an explosives detection dog and has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan several times.  Last year he was retired, due to his arthritis, eyesight, and general old age.  He has been enjoying life as a "civilian" and his favorite things are "his" kids and the couch :-)  We have been told the surgery and aftercare will cost up to $2,500....and every dollar will take us a step closer to what we need to raise to get Sgt. Siebert back in tip-top shape!  Thank you so much!


[UPDATE:] Siebert had his surgery (which took approx 7 hours and removed his spleen and a 13 lb tumor from his stomach!) and is now in the process of healing. We got the results of his biopsy, and his tumor was NOT cancerous, it was a mass of benign tissue cells called a hyper-plastic nodule...meaning he should not need further treatment because of the tumor, no other tumors should grow, and there will be no long lasting effects from the tumor that was removed :-) We still have a large bill to pay, and more appointments to come for blood checks such, so any donations are much appreciated! Thank you so much!


[UPDATE 4/10/13]: Siebert L515 here....Thank you everyone for the generous donations!  I feel special!! In addition to my health issues I am working to get fixed, I got a nomination for hero dog for the awesome job I did protecting Marines from roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan and to keep the memory of Captain Todd Siebert (a Marine who was killed in action that I am named after) alive.  You can follow my story and get updates about the contest and my health at!/pages/Vote-Military-Working-Dog-Siebert-L515-for-2013-Hero-Dog-Award/287537101379839  Please like my page and share it too so I can get many supporters for the competition…voting starts on May 7th and you all can vote for me right from your computers!  If you want to verify my story before donating, my vet office will be happy to speak with can call Gaide Vet Hospital at (517) 787-3512, just ask about the Retired Military Working Dog Siebert...I am kind of a celebrity there and they will know who you are talking about ;-)  Thank you!!!


[UPDATE 4/18/13]: I want to thank everyone who has contributed to Siebet's bills!  Our end total was not as high as expected, and if we can raise just under $700 more everything will be paid for....including some more tests and shots Siebert needed.  $10 here and $10 there will add up quickly and in no time at all I know we can have this Heros bills covered!  They say a Military Bomb Dog saves at least 150 Military Members on each deployment...that means Siebert has saved at least 600 Military Members!!  Please consider giving a little bit back to this Marine that gave almost 10 years of his life to America's safety!  Also, at the bottom right you will see a Facebook button that says "recommend"...if you have Facebook please click this to pass the word!  Thank you!


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